What We Do

Our goal at Avon Park Marketing is to boost your publication sales with a proven history of creative marketing programs. We represent your company at local trade shows, events, retail stores, and local places of interest. We do all the work including set up, marketing campaigns, printed materials and other props to attract customers.

Representatives of APM are professional in appearance and masters of the trade! Highly trained, our sales reps interact with customers with chances to win gift cards and other promotional items. We use proven sales techniques, and our kiosk stations are professionally displayed with your branding so there's no mistake where the great deals are coming from!

What makes us different? We have an  in house graphic designer who creates promotional marketing materials at no additional cost to you! You can view some of the marketing materials we use in our portfolio section.

Avon Park Marketing Owner
Steve Hamilton Founder / CEO

Steve Hamilton is an entrepreneur who has marketed promotions for newspaper home delivery for 47 years, beginning his career in 1971. Starting a door to door program for a small local newspaper outside of Philadelphia in 1971, he grew to become the largest contractor on the east coast managing 13 accounts within 5 short years from his beginning. He has created and managed door to door, telephone, retail kiosk and event promotions for 30 newspapers in his 47 year career.


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